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This library contains various utility modules for use with the jsonnet configuration language To get started, import the provided prelude which will composit the library for you.

local k = import ('cloudflight-libsonnet/prelude.libsonnet');

The prelude depends on a file called k.libsonnet being available for import. Either place it in your lib or environment folder. Using the environment folder allows for library level configuration options to be applied on an environment level.

This works, because import paths are ranked as highlighted in the Tanka documentation.

A pre-populated k.libsonnet is available in this library so a minimal k.libsonnet would look like this:

(import 'cloudflight-libsonnet/k.libsonnet')

This includes k8s-libsonnet, openshift-libsonnet as well as prometheus-libsonnet

For more information on customization options in k.libsonnet, take a look at the labeling extension.

Last update: 2023-11-28