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MSSQL Database Module

This module contains a simple MSSQL instance, located in the mssql key.

The following snippets lists all available configuration options alongside their default values:


You need to set acceptEula to true to accept the MSSQL EULA

(import 'cloudflight-libsonnet/databases/mssql.libsonnet')
+ {
  _config+: {
        mssql: {
          name: 'mssql',
          storage: '5Gi',
          // The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain characters from three of the following four sets: Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Base 10 digits, and Symbols
          rootPassword: error 'cfg.rootPassword must be defined',
          productId: 'Developer',
          image: '',
          acceptEula: false,
          resources:: {
            limits: {
              cpu: '500m',
              memory: '2Gi',
            requests: {
              cpu: '200m',
              memory: '2Gi',


Exposed values

The following values are exposed, but not exported:

Name Contents
mssql.passwordSecretKeyRef A kubernetes secretKeyRef, referencing the SA password

Last update: 2023-01-18